Weekly Gathering Resources for 2/19/23
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Hey there!

Each week, I want to share with you a page full of resources that will help to prepare you for the Gathering!
This will include the weekly passage, the mining and group content, as well as a playlist of songs that we are singing in our gathering at Relentless, feel free to use it as well if you wish.
Lastly, you can come back to this page after the Sunday gathering to see the recorded message!

This Week’s Passages

This week we take a flyover view of Abraham knows God keeps His Promises!
Genesis 25:19-34
Genesis 27
Genesis 28

This Week’s Mining Video

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This Week’s Worship Songs

  • Yes He Can by CAIN
  • Gratitude by Brandon Lake
  • Healer by Bethel Music

This Week’s Message - 2/19/23:

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    I hope you enjoy the resources for this week.
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