Life Update…Prayers Appreciated!

Life Update…Prayers Appreciated!
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Hey there!
It's really crazy how true the Bible is when it talks about planning! It doesn't condemn planning, or making goals, but gives us the consistent reminder to be flexible to the plans of God.
I had every intention of having at least one more video up this week, and three more recorded, but alas God had different plans.
On Wednesday morning, I was going outside to take out the trash, and as I came back in, I began to experience one of the worse pains in my lower chest that I've ever experienced in my life. I began to sweat and could barely take in a full breath. My wife and I contributed it to gas, seeing as how the day before I was experiencing GI symptoms all day.
After what felt like forever, the pain subsided and I was able to go about my day, but with this dull presence of pain in my middle chest. I thought it was just gas again, but grew more concerned the more I thought about it.
I decided to go to the doctor where they did an EKG and everything looked okay, so I was relieved! They mentioned me going to do lab work to check my Troponin levels. I did that, and about an hour later, I get a call saying to go to the emergency room as soon as possible.
You see, the normal range for your troponin level is between 0 and 77. Mine was in the 800s! So although the EKG looked good (all of the following FIVE I would take looked good as well), apparently some kind of heart attack or heart damage had occurred.
Now if you're still getting to know me, fun fact, I just recently turned 30!! Yes, 30! So here I am, a fresh 30-year-old, that's had a heart attack.
We went to the ER of the best heart hospitals in our area, and the work began! So did the medicine...yuck! I'm not a fan of big-pharma medicine, but I had to trust the system... :/
After a sleepless night, the real heart tests began, and my heart cath showed no blockages. PRAISE GOD! But that just left me with more questions. How can one have a heart attack with no blockages? The doctors explained that it was either a blood clot that dissolved itself, something viral that put stress on the heart and reacted by seizing or the arteries spasmed.
My mom believes with everything in her that I had a blockage, and that God healed me. I had a lot of people praying for me, and so I want to believe that too, but let's be honest...I wish they would have found something and fixed it, rather than wonder, "Can this happen again?" But you know, that's just my flesh. That's looking at things I CAN see. Faith believes without seeing.
Even with those fleshly thoughts, I don't doubt for one second that God stepped in and protected me on Wednesday and that he fixed whatever was wrong in my heart! Why? Because that's just who God is! I remember praying something on Tuesday, and I hope that by sharing my story my prayer is answered. I prayed, "God, please heal me. Show yourself. Prove yourself. Put your glory on display!"
Now I was praying then about my GI issues, but God knew what I was REALLY praying for before I even knew! He did show up! He did prove Himself! He knew that I was going to have a heart attack that very next morning, and He was with me! He didn't let me die! I walked away with very, VERY minor heart damage that can easily be repaired with a change of lifestyle! That can't be anything other than God!
So I shared all of that to say, please pray for me! I'm going to have to change a lot of my old habits and replace them with healthy ones, and I know that is going to be tough, so I need prayer. I can't do it without the power of the Spirit living through me!
Thanks for hearing my long story lol! May God be glorified through it!
'Til Next Time,

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