Which describes you?

“I don’t get anything from the Bible! 😭🫤”


“I’m actually hearing from God! 🎉🤗”


The goal of the Pocket Bible Community is to guide you toward discovering God and hearing from Him, through engaging community discussions. Think of us as a “Bible Study Group in your Pocket”!

Here are some of the things we focus on inside of the community:

  • 🗓️ GUIDED PLAN: We want to make sure that you have a clear weekly plan to follow as your study the Bible
  • 💡 BIG AH HA’S: It’s very important that as something is revealed to you that you share it. This helps it stick!
  • ❓ HELP ME UNDERSTAND: We never leave questions unanswered (to the best of our ability, of course). The community works together to answer any questions that come up as you study the Bible.
  • 😱 ACCOUNTABILITY: This is not a scary thing! We help hold each other accountable to the things that God tells us to obey from the passages we read. It’s that simple.
  • 📚 TOOLS AND RESOURCES: Myself along with others in the community will share great tools and resources that you can use to aid you as you study the Bible.

These are the main things we focus on while building lasting relationships along the way!

Are you ready to jump in? Let’s do this!

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